Mai Soli


"Mai Soli" is the mother project of "The State In Which I Dwell."  It symbolizes the unification of three states into a singular entity—a societal mask worn to conceal our vulnerabilities.

"Mai Soli" delves into the notion that behind this mask, we shield ourselves from exposing our true emotional and psychological states to the outside world. It embodies the collective human tendency to present a composed and composed facade, concealing the inner turmoil and fragility that lie within.

"The state in which I dwell"

"The State In Which I Dwell" is a personal project that explores the profound journey of transitioning from one emotional and psychological state to another. This project encompasses three distinct states, each representing a unique facet of this transformative process:

The first state embodies inner balance and emotional prosperity, a serene refuge where one's happiness thrives and the outside world recedes into the background.

Contrasting the first state, the second state unfolds as a stark departure, where the individual's inner world is forsaken, yielding to the dominance of the external realm. This state engenders chaos and confusion as priorities become misplaced.

The culmination of this progression is the third state—a consequential state resulting from long-overdue neglect of inner peace. Here, the very fabric of existence unravels, and psychological stability disintegrates, leaving behind fragmented remnants of a once harmonious self.

Through this project, I invite you to reflect on the profound complexities of our shared human experience, reminding us that beneath the veneer of strength and composure, we all carry hidden vulnerabilities that shape our interactions and define our journey through life.


Talent: Maria Kaira

MUAH: Natalia Tristan

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