"The Sun Child and Two Sisters"

In this series of images a profound symbolism unfolds. The two sisters depicted represent the intertwining energies of the left brain and the right brain, symbolizing diverse aspects such as masculinity and femininity, logic and intuition. The sister on the left side bears a scorpion on her shoulder, embodying the forces of Logic and Ego. Much like the scorpion, which succumbs to self-destruction through its venomous sting, self-centeredness becomes a spiritual poison that hinders personal growth. In contrast, the sister on the right side is adorned with a butterfly, symbolizing the Soul. It evokes the transformative nature of life, where the ephemeral beauty of the physical body gives way to the emergence of a beautiful and eternal essence. Although the two sisters possess inherently different characteristics, they exist in harmony without opposing one another. One sister represents primal survival instincts, while the other epitomizes love and care, forming the foundational pillars of human existence. Their unity creates a perfect equilibrium, from which emerges The Sun Child—a manifestation of Wisdom, Will Power, Enlightenment, and Higher Consciousness. This radiant state stands as our ultimate destination, beckoning us towards profound self-realization and spiritual growth.

The deliberate choice of colors adds further depth to the composition. The background hues of blue and yellow were purposefully selected as their combination creates green—a color symbolizing balance. Positioned at the center and spanning across the table, green represents the pivotal point on the color spectrum, embodying equilibrium. It serves as a foundation for the fruits of virtue, knowledge of good and evil, trinity, salvation, and truth.

In contrast, the presence of red denotes passion and action. The arrangement of objects on the table signifies an active state of higher consciousness, where vibrant energy meets the pursuit of spiritual growth. The strategic use of color and the arrangement of elements on the table collectively convey a profound message, inviting viewers to contemplate the interplay between balance, passion, and the path towards expanded awareness.


Talent: Emilie Billington (Team Models)

Talent: Jonas Adam

MUAH: Natalia Tristan

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