“Destiny” is a series of images presenting a narrative of the woman as the embodiment of destiny in human form. She is represented as a powerful and enigmatic figure, conveying the complexities of fate and the transformative power inherent the human experience. She is a vision of truth and divine will. 

The first image, “Destiny 01”, portrays a young woman amidst a natural setting, exuding an aura of timeless elegance and profound purpose. In her hands, she holds a gleaming sword, symbolising the challenges ahead with unwavering resolve. A delicate butterfly serves as a poignant symbol of transformation and change. Its graceful presence hints at the notion of metamorphosis, suggesting that the woman is not only a guardian of fate, but also an agent of profound evolution, holding the power to effect change and renewal. Her gaze reflects a blend of serenity and fierce determination, as if she is beyond the present moment into expanse of her own nature - destiny. It carries the wisdom of one who understands the path that lies ahead.

“Destiny 01”

- The timeless essence.  2023

The second version, “Destiny 02”, a compelling narrative unfolds, depicting the woman in the red dress, symbolising an action. Her state displays anticipation and thoughtful planning. Holding an arrow she exudes a sense of purposeful intent. The arrow represents her focus and direction, embodying her determination to pursue a chosen path with precision and clarity. The hallo adds an enigmatic quality to her character, hinting at her connection to forces beyond the earthly realm and underscoring the significance in the unfolding narrative. Flunking on her both sides butterflies symbolise the past, the future and the profound transformation. They are the indicators of the ever-changing nature of existence, emphasising the theme of evolution and the passage of time. At her feet, a scorpion hints a potential danger or a sense of impending peril. Its inclusion introduces a note of caution, lurking risks or challenges. It serves as a reminder of the potential consequences of ones actions, intimating that she must remain vigilant and discerning as she lays out a new path. As she holds a red apple, her expression conveys a sense of introspection, suggesting that she is in the midst of deep contemplation, pondering significant choices.

“Destiny 02”

- The shaping of fate. 2023

The bright colours and Renaissance-inspired aesthetic imbue the scene with an ethereal quality, adding a timeless allure  to the portrayal of this enigmatic figure. The settings serve as a visual metaphor for the woman’s connection to the natural world and her harmonious alignment with the forces of change and growth.

The project “Destiny” transcends mere visual representation, inviting contemplation of the universal themes of empowerment, self-discovery, and the inexorable pull of one’s personal journey. Through its composition and evocative symbolism, the photographs invite viewers to reflect on their own capacity to shape their destinies, to embrace change, and to embody the strength and grace that define the human experience.


Talent: Anna Kova


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