Fine Art

"Mai Soli"

Reflection of triple state in a personality caused by conditioned environment.


Model - Maria Kaira

MUAH - Natalia Tristan 



Recreation of angels from RAFFAELLO Sanzio The Sistine Madonna 


Model - Emilie Billington

MUAH - Natalia Tristan 



The Sun Child and Two Sisters

Lately I was deepening into symbolism. I wanted to create something that has a deeper meaning and is symbolic in it´s layout as a result. The two sisters here represent the left brain and the right brain / male & female / yin & yang energy. The sister on the left side has a scorpion on her shoulder, it represents the Logic and Ego. As scorpion kills itself by stinging it’s deadly poison in its head, so does a person that is self-centred because an egoism is a spiritual poison. The sister on the right side has a butterfly and it represents a Soul - the ugly body dies and a beautiful soul comes out of it.The two sisters are different by its nature, but they do not oppose each other. They are a primal surviving instinct on one side and love & care on the other, the two pillars of every human and in unity they create a perfect balance from which emerges The Sun Child - the Wisdom, the Will power, Enlightenment & Higher Consciousness. This state is our ultimate destination.

(Inspired by knowledge and lectures of Mark Passio)


Female model nr.1 & 2 - Emilie Billington 

Male model - Jonas Aden

 MUAH - Natalia Tristan 


"Poppyseed Dancer"


Model - Anna Russell


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